Natural stones extracted from the bed of mother earth is processed through many steps before it is finally available for sale. The one major step which results in final appearance of the stone is finishing.
To augment the attractiveness of natural stones and to ameliorate its qualities, stones are treated to obtain peculiar finishing. These finishing techniques are done based on the requirement of the customer and the attribute of the particular natural stone which is treated. The different polishing ways in which stones can be made more elegant are:

  • Natural Finishing Rarely the situation arises when natural stone are agreeable for installation without any appendment or finishing. This kind of finishing is called natural finishing and can be divided into two parts
  • Riven Finish
  • Swan Finish
  • Mechanical Finishing To escalate the beauty of natural stone and to enhance its grade, this kind of finishing is used. Mechanical finishing implements multiple processes to beautify the stone and of the customers prefer mechanically finished stones, as it elevates the texture and look of the stone, making it appear more magnificent.
    Mechanical finishing can further be divided into:
  • Polished Finishing
  • Honed Finishing
  • Satin Finishing
  • Impact Finishing In this finishing external force is applied to boost the beauty of the stone. Potency is exerted to the surface of the natural stone to give it a tough and an uneven look hence making the surface of the stone less slippery. Due to the rough surface, which is the result of impact finishing, stones processed through impact finishing catch dirt very easily and hence are required to be cleaned often.

Below are the sub groups of impact finishing

  • Brushed Finish
  • Letano Finish
  • Bush-Hammered Finish
  • Tooled Finished
  • Rigato Finished
  • Flamed Finished
  • Water Finished
  • River Wash Finished
  • Tumbled Finish
  • Sandblasted Finish
  • Shotblasted Finish
  • Antique Finish
  • Leather Finish
  • Chemical FinishingAs the name suggests, chemicals are applied to the stone for changing the texture and impression of the natural stone. Stones which are highly reactive to chemicals are not finished through this process

There are four main sub categories in chemical finish

  • Acid wash
  • Epoxy treated
  • Meshed
  • Protective treatment

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