Dense, sturdy and acid resistant metamorphic rock universally known as slate is derived from shale, type of a sedimentary rock. It’s idiosyncrasy to freeze cycles has seen its eminent use since the golden days. Rustic-earthy look with hues of warm colours, majorly in grey finds its employment in both indoor and outdoor vicinities. Slate is adjudged as one of the smoothest and layered natural stone found by the humankind because of its fine-grained, foliate and homogeneous nature.

Superlatively grained and foliate slate is fashioned of clay and volcanic ash through metamorphism. This micro crystalline metamorphic rock is composed of mica, quartz and chloride. Formed over sedimentary deposit and compression slate naturally embodies astonishing textured layers. Available in honed or cleft finish, slate finds its application in exterior vicinities. Sturdy and durable nature has helped this textured stone to discover its application in construction and industrial environments. When worked with natural cleft surfaces by honing and gauging, each slate piece comes out as exclusive with delicate distinctions in shade, colour and texture. Slates accessible with speckled colours including colour weathering appends warm earthy hues to the texture in this natural stone.  Its symbolic versatility will adorn your abode in any composition from luxury mansions to wooden cabins.

Majorly, the slate mined across the globe is used in the production of roofing slates because of its malleable nature and its capability to subsume negligible moisture. It is a natural stone widely treasured by architects, designers, builders and contractors. While many opt for an effortless crude finish, a slate stone can also be also be given a burnished finish. The former is suitable for interior vicinities while the latter provides a guarded and non-slippery surface for outdoor vicinities.

An unsurpassed fusion of durability and grandeur with unique surfaces, easy installation and workability slate is an exceptional choice to be employed around your vicinity in stair threads, wall cladding’s, fireplaces, flooring’s, kitchen, bathrooms and in other spaces. Effortlessly pruned to size, bifurcated at any thickness and machined to any finish slate’s versatility is unbounded. Natural slip-resistance, sundry textures and colours will supremely adorn your surroundings and vindicate its investment.

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