Best known as a premiere dimension stone, this grain stone has an unvarying texture and grade. Limestone weathers with time and the colour matures and blends in an appealing natural patina. With no artificial agents to rust or fade, the appearance of this grain stone ameliorates with age. The propensity of this natural stone to effortlessly adapt into various shapes with a pleasing colour gives it an upper hand over other natural stones. Whether being used as a side material or to enhance the context of surrounding area, we pledge to beautify your homes with this especial grain stone.

Popularly categorised as a sedimentary rock due to its formation from calcite of shells, corals and other debris it is predominantly composed of remains of maritime organisms and varied forms of Calcium Carbide. Majorly has two categories comprising hard limestone and soft limestone with a difference of calcium and magnesium consistency. The homogeneous deposit consistency has benefited its usage in the world for a more natural appearance. When contemplation for structures to withstand generations, its ability of endurance makes this stone a conqueror in the natural stone category.

The muted tones of limestone gives it an edge for today’s uninhibited and congenial lifestyles. Grainy and crystalline texture bestows limestone with smooth, granular surface and a courtly look. Exquisite earth-toned colour hoard and lime from nautical surroundings makes it befitting for assorted environments. Another ascendancy of this grain stone is its idiosyncrasy of embedded fossils and seashells in the surface, appending an organic look to the stone. Some lime stones are percolate giving a bucolic appearance while others give a classic appearance.

With exhibition of no biasedness towards direction of splitting we provide unsurpassed limestone which can be utilised in various shapes and sizes to beautify your surroundings. Calcite and open texture streaks, iron spots, reedy and honeycomb dispositions, pit holes and remains or shell formations are the astonishing discernible features of lime stones.  Available either polished or honed in hues of beige and tan, limestone is an exemplary choice for employment in bathrooms, fireplaces, kitchen counterparts and flooring’s. Versatility, complementary, durability, dependability and consistency of limestone will beautifully adorn your surroundings and vindicate its investment.

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