Extracted from the bed of nature, granite is the stone which is fetched in raw form from mines and is later polished to give it a luminous dimensional quality. Granite is composed of quartz and feldspar with minor amounts of mica, amphiboles, and other minerals making it water durable and anti-bacterial. With such an exquisite quality, granite counter tops will enkindle the dramatic visual amplification to any kitchen or bathroom. This stone requires very limited maintenance and is imperishable, making it the most demanded natural stone. A standout amongst the most remarkable and appealing characteristic of this stone is, that no two pieces will be identical because of its inherent variances caused by nature, some of these changes incorporate contrasts in shading, colour, unpredictable markings, voids, setting, veins and fissures.

Indestructible in nature, this natural stone has a stain, heat and scratch resistance surface making it ideal for kitchen counterpart surfaces. The biggest asset of this stone is its strength and durability. Being resistant to wear and tear, it makes your life easy and sorted if installed in kitchen or places which involves loads of traffic. Granite itself comes in various characteristic hues and can be polished or finished in many different ways. Stylish patterns and diverse hue textures makes it the most flexible and popular decorative stone. Portrayed by exceptional firmness and thickness, its beautiful patterns have been made by minerals melting into its once fluid mass. The looks accomplished when incorporating this stone are flexible, from an unassuming style to an intense “take a gander at me” explanation. Granite’s plain and clear look gives you a sense of clarity, and it diverse colour options soothes your colour choice preferences and all this can be installed in your project at very reasonable price and low maintenance. You can find granite at country farm house as well as in a modern high rise. It’s the hues and patterns that make it so novel and extravagance. There are a wide range of sorts of minerals in granite, some of which seem like small, sparkling bits or longer veins of changing hues.

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