Attributes of Engineered Stone

Engineered stones have different diversification and are available in multiple variety to fulfil your desires and requirements. One should be aware of all the qualities and drawbacks of the stone before actually installing that particular engineered stone, so the customer is very clear and sure about the product in which they are investing. Depending upon its composition engineered stones have multiple accredits. Based on multiple attributes and behaviour, comparison of engineered stones is done below so that you choose the right stone for you dream project:

  • Low maintenance

Where most of the stones needs to be preserved and maintained after installed, quartz and ceramic stands out of the crowd in this attribute. Both of these engineered stones require very low or no maintenance to look glorious throughout the time and tide.

  • Stain Resistant

We all fall in love with the place where engineered stones are installed but the biggest concern we have is, what if our wonderful flooring gets stained!

Quartz and ceramic again surprise you here by their stain resistant attribute and promise you to glow no matter whatever the situation is. Due to this stainless quality, these stones are mostly installed in homes as they last long and maintain its beauty.

  • Chemical Resistant

Engineered stones which do not get affected by any chemical are Silestone, Quartz, Ceramic, hence any polish or cleanser is to be selected for their polishing purpose as these stones will not get harmed by any chemical.

  • Heat Resistance

Engineered stones are repellent to heat energy and heat does not harm its ambience. All the engineered stones are heat-resistant as something generated from nature cannot be destroyed by the element of nature.

  • Solid Structure

The engineered stones which has a solid structure is Quartz.

  • Wide Range of Colour

We love to install the stone in our project which soothes our taste, but not all- engineered stones are available in miscellaneous colour. Again, in this attribute again Quartz wins the race as it is available in multiple colour options.

  • Non-Porous

Engineered stones which are non-porous in nature is Quartz.

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